window treeHELLO FRIENDS!   Stop!  Don’t throw away that netting that comes around your Christmas tree.  Make this Fun in the Window project with me.


Cut a simple tree shape from bulletin board paper or holiday gift wrap or felt.  Prints are fine, too!

Tape the tree into a window.

“Oily trick”  turn this tree into a room refresher by mixing a drop of Wintergreen or Balsam Fir Young Living Essential Oil and water in a small spray bottle and spritz the tree.  Don’t soak, just light mist.

Measure the window and cut the tree netting to size.  Tape the netting tightly corner to corner in the window.

Now hang your amazing and creative Toddler-made ornaments on the tree with paper clips or ordinary tree hooks.


Pop-Out Christmas Nativity

Here’s a simple way to dress up any Christmas poster!

Create a 3-D “pop out” by cutting foam pieces the same color and size of some of the clothing.  Next, use cotton balls for fluffy sheep.  A little pink tissue paper gives the angel wings flight and blushed cheeks on the animals.  Yarn for hair and braiding, a few small jewels on the crown.  A quick twist of brown paper to embellish the wood on the manger bed and shed…and there you go!  Your child will love helping 3-D their Christmas.  Use whatever you have around the house.  Even the treasure hunt for materials is fun!

Back to School! Personalized School Supplies

It’s that time again!  Turn school supply shopping into a fun scavenger hunt for the family and create your very own notebook designs.
Best age: 5-10 years
  • Economy-priced spiral notebooks, binders and folders
  • Duct Tape (coordinated with the colors of the notebooks, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Stickers
  • White board sheets

Let your children use their imagination to create designs with the duct tape on the folders, notebooks and binders. Cut pieces of white board sheets and stick onto the covers of the binder for an everlasting “doodle board”.  Use stickers to fill in or simply cover the entire folder with duct tape.  Print names on the supplies with permanent marker or use sticker letters to embellish.  Your child’s school supplies will be the envy of the class with an added bonus – it was fun creating them!

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