Pop-Out Christmas Nativity

Here’s a simple way to dress up any Christmas poster!

Create a 3-D “pop out” by cutting foam pieces the same color and size of some of the clothing.  Next, use cotton balls for fluffy sheep.  A little pink tissue paper gives the angel wings flight and blushed cheeks on the animals.  Yarn for hair and braiding, a few small jewels on the crown.  A quick twist of brown paper to embellish the wood on the manger bed and shed…and there you go!  Your child will love helping 3-D their Christmas.  Use whatever you have around the house.  Even the treasure hunt for materials is fun!

Back to School! Personalized School Supplies

It’s that time again!  Turn school supply shopping into a fun scavenger hunt for the family and create your very own notebook designs.
Best age: 5-10 years
  • Economy-priced spiral notebooks, binders and folders
  • Duct Tape (coordinated with the colors of the notebooks, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Stickers
  • White board sheets

Let your children use their imagination to create designs with the duct tape on the folders, notebooks and binders. Cut pieces of white board sheets and stick onto the covers of the binder for an everlasting “doodle board”.  Use stickers to fill in or simply cover the entire folder with duct tape.  Print names on the supplies with permanent marker or use sticker letters to embellish.  Your child’s school supplies will be the envy of the class with an added bonus – it was fun creating them!

Sensory Silliness!

Your baby is surrounded by happy home sounds: TV, voices, dishwasher, cell phone rings.
By extracting simple sounds with this game, your baby can enjoy a fun playtime and exercise the senses. Concentrating on sound and visual tracking you can put these activities together quickly and get to the fun!
Best age: 3-7 months
  • White paper plate and black marker
  • Four small clean and empty water bottles
  • Colored gift paper shreds
  • Beans and Rice
  • Colored electrical tape
  • Draw simple faces on two or three of the white plates with the marker.  Set aside.
  • Fill 1-2 tsp. of rice, beans, popcorn kernels, noodles, dry lentils, etc. in each of the four empty water bottles – one product per bottle.
  • Add a few pinches of paper shred – one color per bottle.
  • Tape the bottles around the lid to secure with coordinating colored tape matching the shreds.
  • (Opt.)  Set the bottles in a cardboard hot drink caddie (like the ones you get for take-out coffee).  This gives your baby rattles a home for easy access.

Place your baby on his/her back on a soft floor surface.  Play a little peak-a-boo to get your baby to engage.  Now place one of the paper plates over your face and peak-a-boo around the plate.  Slowly move the plate in an arch back and forth to see if your baby will track the motion.  Continue with the motion going up and down and then diagonal.  Don’t be surprised if Baby seeks your face instead of the face on the plate.  Play time ends when Baby is no longer interested.  Slow motion is best for success.
Next, take one of the shaker bottles in your hand and shake it so Baby can see.  Shake the bottle behind Baby’s head and see if the eyes try to find the sound.  Shake the bottle to the right of Baby and see if he/she will roll over to find it.  Continue the play with the different bottles.  Can you tell which sound is your baby’s favorite?

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